Nothing stays the same

There´s an old oak tree I used to climb on when I was young.
Me and my friends were wild and free, we had a lot of fun.
Today I watch my children climb that same old tree,
While I´m sitting on the front porch

There was a boat by the river where we met each Friday night.
Huggin´ and kissin´ in the pale moon light.
I became a woman and he moved away,
While I´m sitting on the front porch
I´m dreaming of yesterday

Years have flown, times have changed
Nothing stays the same
This is now, that was than
But old feelings will remain
Nothing stays the same
Nothing stays the same

I had a crush on my teacher in my highschool days.
He was a beautiful creature with an angels face.
He was killed by a plane crash, I miss you - rest in peace.
While I´m sitting on the front porch
I´m living in memories

Years have flown, …..
Marko Müller
Come on, Come on

Come on, come on, summertime has come.
Come on, come on, let´s enjoy the sun.
Come on over to the beach and feel the ocean breeze.
Come on, come on, what else do we need.

I´m cruisin´ up and down the road, by the ocean side.
The radio is blasting, yes I feel alright.
Summer is here to stay, people having fun,
The beach is pretty busy,
They all enjoy the sun

Come on, come on …….

I pull my shades on and turn the music loud.
WILD BUNCH is singing, Istart to scream and shout.
This can last forever, I feel mighty strong,
Everybody join in,
Come on and sing along.

Come on, come on ……

Get up, get on moving out,
Please don´t be foolish, get into the crowd

Come on, come on ……

Marko Müller
You are my sunshine

Happy together after all these years
Time´s gone by
Been through laugh and tears
Yes we had our ups and downs
But we were meant to be
Still going strong, just you and me

The song that we first danced to,
Still lingers in my ears,
We never hit the breaks,
Keep on going shifting gears

You are my sunshine, my love my only one,
You are my sunshine (you are the one)
You are my sunshine, my pride, my joy, my one.

You still got the magic, to turn me on.
I still need you like a radio needs a song.
When I look you up and down, I still like what I see,
Happy together in harmony

The song that we first danced to,
Still lingers in my ears,
We never hit the breaks,
Keep on going shifting gears

You are my sunshine …..

Marko Müller

I´m going down

Since you´re gone, my life´s a mess,
My mind is twisted, get no access.
To the life I used to know,
What have you done, wherer did you go?
I´m surely sinkin´ , I know I´m going down.

Feel like a sparrow that cannot fly,
Like a river that has run dry,
Like a train runs out of track,
I drift away, I want you back,
I´m surely sinkin´ , I know I´m going down.

The tears that I cry, cannot stop the pain,
I sit and wonder why, who can stop the rain,
Could use a little help,
Who´s gonna rescue me,
I need shelter from the storm,
Let the sun shine down on me.

How did I loose you, why did I fail?
One broken heart right now for sale.
You got me on my knees, come back
I´m beggin´ you please,
I´m surely sinkin´ you see,
So don´ t you torture me

Marko Müller
Vitamy means Hello

I got two weeks off, time for vacation.
My bags are packed, Taxi drop me at the station.
Been workin´ so hard all year, I´m all tuckered out,
I take a little time for myself,
No running all around

I´m going to Poland for the very first rime.
I don´ t know the language, but I´m sure doing fine.
I´m travelling on my own, on a midnight train.
Poland I´m coming, so hide away the rain.

Vitamy means Hello,
Do Widsenja goodbye,
Na Zdrowie means cheers,
Let´s hold our glasses high

So many places, I would like to see,
I know about the people´s good hospitality.
Sure will have som fun, even on my own.
Don´t get me wrong but, please don´t call me on the phone

Vitamy means Hello ……

Marko Müller

A wounded soldier laying on the battlefield,
Two bullets in the back, he knows his time has come.
The night is silent, many people have been killed,
And he don´t even know, who has won.

He´s thinking of his family, a thousand miles away.
Tears rollin´ down his face, so many things to say.

He remember the way she held him tight,
He said soft "I love you" just before he died.
There was his father, waving from the light,
And he seemed to say "Come here" where all is bright.

He fought a stupid war and he paid the price,
Washington so far, the capitol of lies.

The wind was blowing, leaves fell from the trees,
The day she gat the message, she was crying seven seas.
Husband ans son and a father is gone,
In memory of the soldiers who died much too young

He fought a stupid war …..

Marko Müller

Train, please roll on down the track,
Keep on rollin´ and bring my Baby back.

He went off to the station that night,
Just because one little fight.

Forgive me if you can, forgive me once again.
Things should not have said and done,
You´re still in my heart, cannot bear to be apart.
Oh no, why did you go?

Train please roll on down the track,
Keep on rollin´ and bring my Baby back.

I´ve hurt myself, I am a fool,
I´ve been acting like teenager in school

Forgive me if you can ….

Marko Müller
I wanna break free

I´m heading down the highway, I´m heading down the road.
to get you off my mind, wanna let go of my load.

A broken heart an empty soul, is all that I got left,
Memories are here to stay, memories of the past.

I wanna break free.
I wanna get away from misery.
I wanna break free.
If you think the same follow me - follow me

Once I was strong, now I´m oh so weak.
I was flying high, now I´m back down on my feet.

My futures blown away, I´ve got to face the truth,
No power left inside, feel like my neck is in a noose

I wanna break free ….

Packing´ up and leaving town,
You swore you´d never bring me down.
The word keeps turning without you,
Don´t woyy about me, don´t worry about me

Marko Müller
There´s a way

I see a light at the end of the tunnel,
Leaving darkness behind.
I´ve been chasin´ dark clouds away,
Now my days are gonna be bright.

I´ve been kicked too many times,
Didn´t even believe in myself.
But I kept holding on to my dreams,
Didn´t put ´em on the shelve

Where there´s a will, there´s a way.
Don´t give up, don´t throw your hopes away.

Don´t give up just look ahead,
Keep on fighting til you win.
Life goes up and life goes down,
It´s up to you if you wanna be king.

Keep on going even if you fall,
Reach out for the crown.
Some roads are rocky mountains high,
Walls could tumble down

Where there´s a will …..

Keep on going even if you fall,
Reach out for the crown.
Some roads are rocky mountain high,
Walls could tumble down,

Where there´s a will …

Marko Müller
Love Eternally

I remember our honeymoon 1990, 17th june,
We ran away, didn´t say a word,
So in love our parents concerned
Love eternally

He passed away on our wedding day
I´ll never forget the words he did say
Don´t worry my darling, I´ll see you again,
I´ll be waiting for you.
So dry your tears and trust my words,
Trust in me even if it hurts.
Then he closed his eyes and passed away.
He passed away on our wedding day.

I´m sitting here, watching the moon, radio´s playing a sad old tune,
Tears falling down, I´m missing you,
Our love was steadfast, loyal and true
Love eternally

He passed away …..

Marko Müller
She´s gotta move on

As she climbs down from that big ole semi,
She takes a look around.
Doesn´t look like anything too special,
Just another town.

Drifting from one place to another,
They start to look the same.
She knows she won´t be staying too long,
But here she goes again

Now she settling down in another new town,
Even if she knows that she´ll never stay.
She always moves on, after she feels at home,
What keeps making her always run away.
´Cause as soon as she makes friends
She´ll be on the road again.
She never stays long
She´s gotta move on

She can never get too close to someone,
It makes it kinda tough.
A girl that really needs ots of attention,
She just can´t get enough.

But when she meets a boy that´s special
She never asks his name,
Always afraid of falling in love,
So here she goes again.

Now she settling down ….
Ron Gardner